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I highly appreciate this masterwork of my fan and follower editor Joel Brandon ("Strength of Warrior" is his youtube channel) and hope that it will motivate some of you same as it actually motivated myself. Its been truly rough 16 years of my training history - always natural athlete and always dedicated to what I loved - hardcore weighted workout and calisthenics training. I suffered many falls, injuries and overall ups and downs on my journey - most of them just due to lack of knowledge and proper experiences.. from the beginning it was all just passion mindset and pushing all over the limits without proper planning, recovery, prehab and simply being plain dumb. I teared off tendons straight from my bones and muscles, I ruptured deep muscle fibers creating hematomas filled with dried blood, cracked and inflamed bursas in my joints, teared rotator cuffs multiple times, damaged my nerves, discs and spine, created adhesions in largest muscle groups and even got benign positional vertigo(diagnosed on the paper) by moving vertebrae and injuring my neck due to pushing weighted dips and heavyweight workout elements beyond limits and being the best in them in worldwide calisthenics boom times (2012-2016). Was it worth it? I wouldnt change a second. Every single second of all my workouts was worth it. May it be bad ones or the best ones. Because its all about the journey not the destination. Sinusoidal journey is law of universe and every UP will be balanced by DOWN. Higher the UP was Lower will the DOWN go. But nothing ever stoped me, here I stand - stronger, smarter and better than anytime before. I inspired millions. Changed lifes of thousands. Created hundreds of spartans. I will hit two decades of training in a row soon(the only offs I had were when I injured - other than that I kept training every single week multiple times for all those 768 weeks in them last 16 years..) If you want to talk about dedication than just come at me right on the street where I train now only and I will tell you.. I will keep inspiring and motivating those who seeks that BeastMode mindset as this is lifestyle and matter of literally breathing it 24/7 for me no matter what - until my last breath will vanish quietly one day. Lets keep pushing and growing together brothers. Progress is unstoppable if you never let your mind to limit you. Training is nothing - Will is everything. Never Give up. Earn your shit as I earned mine. I am going to bring the most extreme motivation videos to this YouTube Channel soon - videos that will change this game forever. Videos of never seen and unknown people - Gods among men who will change the way you think about "limits" and "whats possible". STAY TUNED.
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